Drink tea in a healthy way


Drink floral tea in spring to dispel pathogenic cold

After severe winter, the temperature gradually becomes warm, spring comes, and everything on earth revives.  However, the climate is still versatile.  At that time, we should drink floral tea often, this can dispel the pathogenic cold accumulated in human bodies during winter, help the growth of yang qi (positive energy) in human bodies, and also nourish liver, invigorate gallbladder, strengthen limbs and promote blood circulation.


Drink green tea in summer to relieve summer heat

The weather in summer is scorching hot, the intense heat can be unbearable.  Green tea is cool in nature, it can engender liquid and allay thirst, and also relieve summer heat and lower body temperature.  Meanwhile, green tea is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which can supplement energy and enhance nutrition.


Drink oolong tea in autumn to engender liquid

High sky and crisp air in autumn cause dry climate, it is the most suitable time to drink blue-green tea, i.e. oolong tea. Blue-green tea has the delicate fragrance of green tea and natural floral scent, as well as the robust taste of black tea.  Its nature is neither cold nor hot, it can soothe throat, engender liquid, dispel the heat accumulated in our body, and help our body to adapt to climate change.


Drink black tea in winter to warm and build up body

All creatures hibernate in winter, the air has a frosty bite.  The yang qi (positive energy) in human body weakens gradually.  The best tea to have is black tea.  Black tea is sweet and warm in nature, it can nourish the yang qi in human body, and it is rich in protein and sugar, which can generate heat to warm abdomen and enhance cold resistance of human body.


Benefits of Oolong Tea


To nourish skin and body

The reactive oxygen in human body transforms some body fat into oxidised fat, and this will cause various illnesses.  Meanwhile, reactive oxygen also causes problems such as skin aging and wrinkles.  The polyphenols in blue-green tea has anti-oxidation effect, which can result in body and skin care.


To slim up and lose weight

Blue-green tea can enhance the functions of protein lipase enzyme in human body and increase the enzymes which decompose fat, which thus increase lipid metabolism and has the effect of weight loss and body slimming.

To prevent tooth decay

To drink a cup of blue-green tea after a meal not only can engender liquid and allay thirst as well as freshen breath, also

the polyphenols in blue-green tea can effectively suppress dental plaque enzymes, which prevents formation of dental plaque and tooth decay.


Anti-tumour and anti-aging

Blue-green tea not only has the effects of promoting decomposition of blood lipids and lowering cholesterol, also it has the effects of preventing tumours, enhancing activation of lymphocyte, strengthening immunocompetence and preventing body aging.



Benefits of Black Tea


To strengthen bones

To drink a cup of black tea every day for a long period of time can effectively prevent osteoporosis.  The effect is even better if slices of lemon are added.  Meanwhile, other fruits can also be added to achieve supplementary effect.



Polyphenols in black tea has anti-inflammatory effect.  Using black tea to rinse mouth can prevent viral cold and tooth decay, also lower blood sugar level and blood pressure, prevent cancer and radiation.


To reinvigorate and relieve fatigue

Caffeine in black tea can excite the nerve centre by stimulating the cerebral cortex, which has the reinvigorating effect and allow us to concentrate.  Meanwhile, it also excites the vascular system and heart, strengthens the heartbeat, accelerates blood circulation to facilitate metabolism, accelerates excretion of lactic acid (a substance causing muscle fatigue) which results in smoothing away fatigue.


To dispel pathogenic cold and warm up body

Black tea is fully fermented tea and has relatively lower level of tea polyphenols.  It has a sweet aftertaste and is warm in nature.  It not only warms stomach, but also dispel cold and remove dampness. It has the effect of dispelling pathogenic wind and relieving superficies syndromes such as cold, fever and rheumatism, also it can cures headache.  People having weak digestion and stomach trouble any take black tea to “soothe the stomach”.